Marketing and Amy Hartsock

June 13, 2017
Over the decade and a half that she has nurtured her career Amy Hartsock has demonstrated that she can do almost anything in her field of marketing, whether her clients need brand management or digital marketing communications. She has demonstrated a high level of talent and skill at all of it, from setting up and maintaining effective websites and email marketing campaigns to, well, pretty much everything else that will make the product or brand more popular.

The fact of the matter is, over the course of the last 15-plus years, Amy Hartsock has also demonstrated an ability to handle every aspect of marketing. That includes everything at every step, from the development and design, to the composition of RFQ/RFP submittals and brochures and every other aspect of a solid marketing campaign. That includes modern "new media" marketing, including the social media outlets, which can be very powerful, or traditional outlets, like television and radio.